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The purpose of life's journey is not to arrive at the grave with a well preserved body, but rather to slide in sideways, completely used up, yelling and screaming... WHAT A RIDE!!!!unknown


Jerry Neal Culpepper was born in Bloomberg, TX at home October 21, 1943 to John Oliver and Rheba Louise Lovelady Culpepper. He received a Blue ribbon in “Story Telling” in school.  A well earned award that served him well all his life. He was an adventurous young boy always willing to help with family duties, when he couldn’t talk his older siblings into doing his chores for him. He was an exceptional student, quick witted and full of humor.   He was always smiling and mischievous.  His parents moved to Dallas when Jerry was 16 years of age. Jerry worked as a valet in down town Dallas, and helped his Father with his building business among other odd jobs. One of Jerry’s fondest memories of his father was when he used to visit with several recruiting officers in his front yard.  As the story was told, Mr. Culpepper told Jerry that he was not tough enough to be a Marine; therefore that is exactly what he became.  He became the best marine he could be.  He served our country heroically from 1960 to 1968.  After severally attempts at marriage he finally found his soul mate in 1984.  Kandy has affectionately stated she would be last of a long line and was.  Their constant banter in fun always delighted them both.  There was never a dull moment. She challenged his mind, his spirit and his soul.  The endearing playfulness caused enjoyment for all who were around.  No matter what end our Kandy choose to partake in, there was never a question about his support and backing.  It was constant and unwavering.  Their largest endeavor began when they decided to open JKC Enterprises on a shoestring and a dime. Their success was welcomed after all the blood sweat and tears.  After pursuing their dreams they enjoyed each other in retirement.  Recently they fulfilled a life long dream of living the “country life”. 60 acres was a welcomed home for them as well as family and friends to visit. His hobbies included hunting, fishing, playing with grand children, gambling, reading, and cooking with his buddies.  He donated much of his time and energy to helping others.  The patriotism he enjoyed with his friends at the VFW was one of his favorite past times. He filled everyone with love and laughter with his constant humor.  He will be severely missed in our day today lives.  He will always be remembered and never be forgotten. May his eternal light continue to warm our hearts!

Jerry Neal Culpepper

Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Friend and Patriot


10/21/43 to 02/28/2012 Born In Bloomberg TX, current Resident of Rising Star TX

Vietnam Veteran – Marine Corp 1960 to 1968 Purple heart, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Navy Cross among numerous other awards.

Survived by his Wife of 28 years-Kandy Culpepper, Son Kelly Lee Buzbee, Daughter Jimmye Lynne Walker-Spouse Scott Walker, Grandchild-James Allen Worth Buzbee, Jerry Lee Tyler Buzbee, Keyla McKenzie Dian Buzbee, Tanner Jordan Walker, Tuccer Korbin Walker, Beau Riggs Buzbee, Sisters and Brothers: Betty Clements, Billy Kozycki, Peggy Culpepper, Dennis Culpepper-spouse Carol Culpepper, Lanell Munger, Marth Watley-spouse, Johnny Culpepper-spouse Karen Culpepper, Diana Brown-spouse Jim Brown, Vicki Guest-Spouse John Guest ….many beloved nieces and nephews, extended family and friends


Proceeded in Death by: John Oliver Culpepper-Father, Rheba Lovelady Culpepper-Mother, J.O. Culpepper-Brother, Jimmy Culpepper-Brother, Gloria Culpepper

Fond Memories:

Kelly: Jerry’s love of his children and playing in the swimming pool, Jerry’s unwavering in his belief in Jesus Christ,

Scott: sitting around the campfire drinking, telling stories- Jerry’s term of endearment was “goober lip”

Jimmye: got my dimples from my Daddy-Honeymoon, Hunting with him for turkey 1st day I met him with a 22. Terms of endearment “the baby”

James: Poppy taking him for Bugles and hair cut every Saturday morning

Tyler: Poppy putting him to sleep, rubbing poppy’s chest hair

Keyla: Poppy’s Bear in his Tummy and bears feet

Tanner: poppy chasing him around and round the table and bouncing him on his head- Pooter was his nickname always and forever

Tuccer: poppy and tuc time hunting and drinking morning coffee on the porch, Tuccer would never be to big to sit in poppies lap

Beau: poppy called him tick turd to play and pester him

All Grandchildren loved poppy and nanny taking them to ‘Toys for Us”.

Latest Memories
Tina Wilson Niece March 3, 2012

I remember when Jerry was at grandma's one day along with the family; he is always laughing, and cutting up. Jerry was in the living room with this little black hat dancing around being Jerry. His jokes and care free personality Would make us laugh all at the same time tell our stomachs would hurt sooo much we would cry stop, stop. Jerry always had a great since of humor. I will really miss him. The family will not be the same. We will miss you terribly. The name Culpepper will not be the same without Jerry Culpepper. I love you very much; we will always remember you and miss you. We will always have great stories to tell for generations to come. Jerry would give you a great big bear hug, but he was such a teddy bear. God bless the lives he has touched.

Lanelle Munger Sister March 3, 2012
When I  think of Jerry, I always  smile, I don't know if he was always  happy but if not he certainly
seemed that way. He was such a joy to be around and we were blessed to have him in our lives.  He will
be greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved him and it want be the same without him.  
I lost a kind, loving and caring brother, and it leaves a big hole in my heart. I love you Jerry, may you
rest in peace.

Martha & Al Sister & Friend March 3, 2012
I will always remember and cherish the fun times we had growing up together. Jerry was a true giant of a man, not only in stature but in his total being. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Kandy, Jimmye, Scott and all the family.
Love Martha and Al
Scott R. Dear Friend March 3, 2012
Jerry Culpepper was a great man. He meant a lot to me. i will never forget the first day i met him. I was this scrawny little 14 yr old and thought "wow that dude is huge, i am not ever getting him angry". All of us guys in school were a bit scared to mess with him or mess with Jimmye. Little did we know, he was one of the biggest teddy bears you would ever ever meet, although he could be a grizzly if need be. I have over 24 years of memories and cannot think of one greater than the other. I will always remember every moment together and regret every minute lost. Jerry was a hero to me and a great friend. He always treated me like one of his own and I felt that love. I will miss you Jerry. Thank you for being part of my life! I Love you! 
Yvonne Niece March 3, 2012
My Uncle Jerry had the best laugh and the best stories! He was always fun to be around and he loved his family to no end. I will miss him so much.
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